this is me

I am a woman who is a broken sinner saved by the blood of Jesus, and a woman in constant and desperate need of my Savior’s ever-flowing and never-changing grace.

I grew up in a small town with no stoplights in the heart of the Sunflower State, and I delight in the simple things. In 2016, the Lord began taking me on an incredible journey when a God-fearing man became my husband, and I received the wonderful gift and responsibility of being a wife. I currently spend my days at an early childhood education center as a Director, and I have worked with children that have tested and grown my patience far more than I thought possible; challenging me every day to uplift God’s little children.

My sweet husband and I have been volunteering as Youth Ministry Leaders for the high schoolers at our church for almost 5 years. We truly enjoy the special relationships we have been blessed with, and are thankful for the challenge of leading up today’s youth in Christ Jesus.

I have been given far more than I deserve in both my trials and my triumphs. I am learning every day to praise Jesus through the sunshine and the storms, and to live truly free in His Presence. I am passionate about sharing my journey in Jesus to show his redeeming power in the lives of us sinners, and to have the opportunity to spark a spiritual flame in someone else.

Words of a Wife Redeemed is a Christian blog written about my journey following Jesus where he leads me. My prayer for this blog is that Jesus will guide my thoughts and the words I type to bless and encourage anyone who may read it. I pray this blog will speak to others and that the love of Jesus shines through each typed line.

Your sister in Christ –  kayley jean, a wife redeemed